Meet the Students- Chrystal

Hello! My name is Chrystal. I am sophomore biology major at Quinnipiac University. I had wanted participate in the QU301 South Africa course because I had always wanted to go to Africa, and this class presented a perfect opportunity to do so. I feel that being a part of this class and trip will be an excellent learning experience all around.

Before this class, there was not much I knew about South Africa, aside from its location on a map. I was aware of the apartheid and how the white minority controlled the country for quite some time. Nelson Mandela had become president of South Africa after being released from prison. I have expanded my knowledge of South Africa and its history since being in this class and I am looking forward to continue growing it even further. I now know that there are three main groups of people, the blacks, whites, and the coloured.

Ever since I found out that, I was officially going to be going to South Africa I have been beyond excited. I am looking forward to the entire trip and class experience as a whole. However, more specifically, I am really looking forward to being able to see and experience another country’s landscaping, people and culture. I think that this trip will be a fantastic awakening and understanding of a life other than our own.


2 Comments on “Meet the Students- Chrystal

  1. I think this is going to be such a wonderful experience for you. And what you will be doing for other people in need. We are so proud of you… Love mom and Dad.I think you look beautiful in your picture.

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