Film Reflection- YESTERDAY: Women’s Role In A Rural Setting

 When watching the film Yesterday, there were several things that stood out to me. Among these things was the role that women took on in this rural setting. From a westernized point of view, the role of a typical “house wife” is to do work around the house such as laundry, and cooking as well as taking care of the family at home while the husbands do the heavy labor and make the living.

However, Yesterday’s position as a wife and mother not only consisted of the standard house wife jobs, but she also did the heavy work while her husband was off in Johannesburg for months on end.

During the film Yesterday is devastated when she finds out she is HIV positive and when she travels to Johannesburg to tell her husband he physically beats her. After all of this Yesterday remained loyal to her husband and family. She stood by his side all through his sickness, as well as hers. Even when her village forced him to leave, she built her own “hospital room” with her bare hands so she can take care of him.

What really inspired me was when the doctor told Yesterday she was doing physically well. Yesterday corrected her in saying it was all in her head and that she would not die until she saw her daughter go to school that following year.

Yesterday’s strength and significant role in her family was clearly shown throughout this film. Even though she was dealing with her own personal health issues, she always put her husband and daughter first.


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