Film Reflection- YESTERDAY: Effect of AIDS on a Family

When I first think of the film Yesterday, one thing comes to mind; and that is the title. Yesterday claims that her father gave her that name because “Yesterday was better than today” and throughout the film you can see how that makes sense.

“Yesterday” she was AIDS free, had a loving husband and a beautiful daughter, named Beauty of course.

Once the disease came everything changed, especially within her family. It was her love for her child that was keeping her alive and motivated. The love for her family was the motivation she needed to stay “normal” and not let the community know of her disease. All she had was her family and quite frankly that’s all anyone needs.

When a disease as deadly as HIV/AIDS hits home, there is not much to do except go to the ones that love you most, which is your family. Your family is what you live for, work for, and it is who you love the most.

This can related to Half The Sky with the story of Meena and Naina. Naina is quoted by saying

“I gave birth to her, and so I can never forget her. I must fight for her as long as I breathe. Every day without Neena feels like a year.” (Kristoff 14)

Even though Naina never got to see her daughter and lived most of her life in a brothel, it was the love for her daughter which kept her alive; much like it did for Yesterday.

If there is anything we can learn from this its that family is everything. And even when the going gets tough, your family is always there for you and will always love you even when most people have given up.


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