Reaction to Nicholas Kristof: Motivating…

In my opinion, Nicholas Kristof was a great speaker to have brought to Quinnipiac. I thought what he had to say made a lot of sense and inspired me to want to do more in my community along with South Africa when we travel there.

I think that people hear about all the injustices around the world and the issues at home and think I‘m just one person- I can’t make a difference- but we can. If everyone is waiting for someone else to make a difference things will never change. Instead we need to take the initiative to do something ourselves. I used to volunteer a lot in high school and would like to get back into, I’ve recently been in contact with a non-profit in New Haven and after hearing Kristof, it really motivates me to do more.

As we get closer to our trip I’m really excited about doing service projects there. I’m excited about fundraising in the up coming months and finding creative ways to make money to help pay for whichever project we choose.  We spoke about having a clothing drive for students to donate clothes at the end of the semester and think that we should add school supplies because I’m sure that is something the community could also benefit from. I think its especially great that we are doing something more than donating money. Though money can make a difference, I think being out there doing work and meeting people shows how much you care and makes it much more personal. Kristof’s lecture really motivated me and I can’t wait to get started on our project.


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