Guest Speaker: Tamarin Simpson, The Tippy Toes Foundation

On March 7, 2012, Tamarin Simpson, founder of the Tippy Toes Foundation joined the QU301 South Africa class via Skype. Based in the Western Cape of South Africa, The Tippy Toes Foundation (TTF) “is based on the understanding that regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic position, tangible positive change can be accomplished by the simple act of people helping people.”

Tippy Toes Foundation Mission Statement

To bring about tangible, positive change in the communities of Melkbos and Atlantis by minimising the effects of gangsterism, drug use, physical abuse, unemployment and teenage pregnancy in these communities. By engaging the community in a loving way, we strive to uplift them through sport, education and simple acts of kindness.

Simpson gave the students an overview of the organization and the projects that are in progress. She also shared some of the needs of the communities with whom she works. (Be sure to check back for student reactions to speaking with Tamarin).

Throughout the semester, students will work in teams to develop project plans for a service project that the QU301 South Africa class will complete during the trip. After assessing the community of Varkplaas, the following projects were proposed:

  • Build a soccer field
  • Build a playground
  • Gardening- Build a veggie garden/ find a way to prevent sand from blowing into homes
  • Find a way to fix corrugated tin roofs

At the end of the semester, the teams will present their findings and the class will decide the feasibility of doing each project for this visit.

Please check back to see the how the project plans progress throughout the course.


2 Comments on “Guest Speaker: Tamarin Simpson, The Tippy Toes Foundation

  1. After having several meeting with the community, I can not tell you how the simple act of planning and communicating about change has sparked a completely new energy in the community and it seems to be infectious. SO planning change has not only been infectious amongst us but also among community members. The point I am trying to make is that as perspectives change, so does the energy, hope, possibility and esteem of all involved! This is such an amazing class!!!

  2. I think the work that you guys are doing is amazing; the projects that you are working on are things that we all take for granted, and if you are able to accomplish what you desire, the seminars would be able to use you as an example of what a groups of students can do when given the correct motivations.

    After a little bit of searching on the internet, I stumbled upon a website that might be able to help you out with your last project, the tin roofs. I wasn’t able to go completely in depth with the search on the site, but it seems pretty helpful. Good luck with everything.

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