Reaction to Nicholas Kristof: YOU Can Make a Difference (if you’re willing)

I was excited to hear that Nicholas Kristof was coming to Quinnipiac University since my QU 301 class had just read his book Half the Sky.  What I loved most about the lecture was that it was very motivating and gave a realistic perspective on how to go about doing your part to change world.  He explained to the Quinnipiac community that it is hard to completely solve the issues going on in other parts of the world such as sex trafficking, prostitution, and disease such as AIDS, but you can do your part in smalls ways.  This lecture also makes me even more excited to go on my trip to South Africa in May because I know I am doing my part to help world issues by improving a community in South Africa.

I feel that it is more people like Kristof that we need in the world. 

You often hear people say, “What effect can I possibly have on the world?”


“There is nothing I can do to stop things like world hunger.”

If that were the case, where would we be as a society if everyone just gave up when they felt like they couldn’t make a difference?  It is attitudes like this why people like Kristof are important to the world.  To help re-insure that everyone can make a difference if they are truly willing.

Overall I thought Kristof portrayed an influential message, and that is you can make a difference in your own way- whether it is doing hands on work trying to help prevent world issues, or simply making donations toward these issues.  I consider myself privileged to get the opportunity to hear from a Pulitzer Prize winning author like Kristof, and the wonderful insights he gave towards helping the world.


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