Reaction to Nicholas Kristof: Helping, One Person at a Time

The work Nicholas Kristof does solidifies my interest in going to South Africa and doing community service in neighborhoods less fortunate than us. His talk was inspiring and heartfelt, and it is evident that he believes in the work he does.

For example, he expressed his interest in these global issues. He explained that a person may become interested in an issue if they have experienced something like it. He began to feel this way about women’s issues when he traveled to these third world countries. After talking to many women, he realized that they have experienced things in their country that we have not been exposed to in ours. Interacting with these women is where his strong passion came from.

Kristof is a very brave person for the work he does. Because he can write about what he wants, he sometimes puts his life in danger to help others. Recently, he snuck into Sudan to photograph starving children in the Nuda Mountains.

Kristof touched on the fact that one person can not solve these worldwide issues. However, Kristof has made a difference in the world and has inspired others.

We cannot solve an epidemic, but if we help one person, that is what makes a difference.

As stated in Kristof’s novel Half the Sky, he describes a Hawaii parable. A little boy is throwing starfish back into the water. A man asks him what he is doing and says he will never make a difference. The little boy says “it sure made a difference to that one” (Kristof 45).

Sometimes we get wrapped up in solving issues as a whole. What we don’t realize is that it takes time for issues to be solved. We need to remember that small strides help us in the long run.

Kristof’s words inspired me to get involved in issues in other countries. I have always loved doing community service and helping people who are less fortunate than us. This solidified my interest in social work and making at least a small change in issues in other countries.


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