Tamarin, Tippy Toes, Diversity, Service… Getting Excited!

Meeting Tamarin via Skype in class was very exciting and interesting. Her passion for helping people is inspiring and made me even more excited for our trip, which I thought wasn’t possible.

It was interesting when she spoke about her frustrations that people group her into the “European” category because she is white but she identifies as African. People stereotype Africa as all black but in South Africa there are so many cultures; white, Afrikaans, colored and blacks. Even within those groups there are many different types of people that can’t be labeled simply across the board.

Tamarin is also very driven and has accomplished so much already. As a young person it is  nice to see someone not that much older than myself doing such amazing things. It just shows that anyone can make a difference if you have passion.

I am so excited about helping out in the community with The Tippy Toes Foundation that my friends are probably going to hate me soon for talking about it so much.  I have always loved volunteering, but helping while in South Africa will be different than anything I have ever done. To give back, even a little is so important. I have been so fortunate growing up and these kids deserve more than they have.

Tamarin told us about how the students only wear their school shoes inside the building and walk around barefoot on the dirt roads because they try to conserve the shoes for as long as possible. I thought this little story was so eye opening. These young kids lives are so completely different than the way I grew up and I just want to give them the simple things they deserve.

I really enjoy fundraising and hope that we can raise a substantial amount so that these kids can have their spirits brightened. I am also really looking forward to just hanging out with the people in the community. I hope they realize it might seem like there are limitations on them but they are capable of so much. In all Tamarin has got me even more ecstatic and I can’t wait to experience their culture and hopefully make a difference in their lives.


One Comment on “Tamarin, Tippy Toes, Diversity, Service… Getting Excited!

  1. This is so beautifully written, thank-you for sharing my passion and excitement! That photo is of Tashi and she has that smile everytime I see her and may the things that melts my heart more then anything else ever has! It is small efforts to us that make the biggest difference to the members of Varkplaas. Looking forward to seeing you! x

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