Inspired: I Can Make a Difference!

When we last met for class we finally got a chance to meet who we will be working on our service projects with in South Africa. Her name is Tamarin Simpson and she is the founder of  The Tippy Toes Foundation. The name Tippy comes from her grandfather, who was a huge inspiration in her life.

Her dedication to the kids in her foundation really stuck out to me the most. She loves these kids like they are her own children; you can here it in her voice. After hearing about how these kids walk barefoot just to preserve the one pair of shoes they own, it is very difficult to not become passionate about this cause and do whatever it takes to help this community.

I have been waiting for a chance like this to get involved with a foundation that I am passionate about. After talking with her via Skype, I am truly inspired to make a difference with the Tippy Toes Foundation and help change the lives of these kids as they change my life as well.

Her perspective is identical to mine, I am willing to do whatever it takes to help out this community. The Tippy Toes foundation is something that I could possibly stay involved with even after our trip to South Africa. I cannot wait for this opportunity to help out a community that is in need of so much.

The community has problems with housing as well as sand storms during the winter. They need help and it is up to ourselves and Tamarin to make it happen. Working with such a diverse African community will bring us all together and we will learn more than we can even imagine. Now all we can do is get our ideas together and be ready for our lives to change forever.


One Comment on “Inspired: I Can Make a Difference!

  1. Beautifully written, thank-you so much for sharing in my passion and you are 100% right we are all going to be change by this forever! Looking forward to chatting to you all again, see you soon! x

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