Reaction to Nicholas Kristof: Making a Difference

Nicholas Kristof is one of the more inspiring people that I have seen. His work in Africa and other countries around the world is extremely admirable and there should really be more people like him in this world.

During his lecture, he influenced every person in the room to go out and make a difference; it only takes one person to make a difference and we all have that chance.

It made me put my life in perspective, I’ve grown up without many problems in my life and certainly nothing like the women he has helped through his experiences.

One thing that Kristof said that stuck with me was, “I hope you’ll find a cause that really speaks to you, whatever it may be, that helps you find happiness and fulfillment, and that you change the world.”

This is what his lecture was all about. All it takes is one cause, and with that one cause you can help change the world. Perhaps on our journey to South Africa I can truly find something that I am passionate about and be able to show the world what kind of person I really am. I also found in interesting how he also said that helping people is harder than it looks. It takes pride and courage to give up all of your amenities at home to go abroad and truly make a difference. It gives me motivation to help as many people as I can, especially when we embark on our journey to South Africa in May. This trip will change who I am as a person and I hope I can come home and teach people what I have learned much like Nicholas Kristof does.

I have been having trouble figuring out exactly what I would like to do with my life. In a perfect world, maybe I could end up like Kristof and become a leader for the next generation. It all starts with the kids, so maybe that is something I can embark on. I don’t have to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner, all it takes is one passion and one person to make a difference.

One aspect that I truly believe in is that it is better to give than to receive. This lecture only strengthened my belief in this as Nicholas Kristof is proof that happiness comes from helping others. We all have learned from this speaker and now it is up to us to live as Nicholas Kristof does.


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