Service Project-Concept/ Plan of Action: Playground

I am very eager to begin planning and fundraising for this service project Larisa and I will be working on in South Africa. During our brainstorming, it is difficult to propose ways to solve the problem because we have always been accustomed not having to build things on our own. Supplies are usually expensive, but when the budget is limited, we have to think outside the box.

After researching certain playgrounds, we came up with a few ways to enhance these children’s days when they come home from school. We decided that we would compose a small playground that is sectioned off from the work in the village such as gardening and farming.

1. Sandbox – This would not be a difficult process. For the supplies, we would need wood panels to keep the sand in the box. If wood is too expensive, we could even use plastic. We would need four panels in the shape of a square, and sand to fill the play area.

2. A swing would be a necessity and not a difficult thing to incorporate into our playground. We want to ensure that the

playground is safe for the children, which is why we need to be careful in our planning. If we could get a piece of rubber that would be durable enough to hold a child, that would be sufficient. We work cut two holes in the rubber swing to attach rope or some kind of material to attach to a tree. We would need to make sure that the tree and rope would safely hold a child.

3. Another easy playground item would be a balance beam. We could get a wooden beam that is less than a foot in width and put it on the ground. We would need to make sure that the ground is stable and flat so the beam could lay.

There are other ideas we have brainstormed and could incorporate into our playground, but we think this is a sufficient start. Before planning this, I had imagined this would be a difficult process for two girls to work on, but if we use cheap but safe materials, it could really help the children. I remember Tamarin saying that a bored child is a dangerous child and believe this playground could deter the children in getting involved in dangerous activities.


One Comment on “Service Project-Concept/ Plan of Action: Playground

  1. I think that these are great ideas to start your playground! A swing is definitely a necessity because it gives children a sense of liberating freedom when they are able to swing on it. Also, a sandbox and balance beam are great ideas that these children would love. As I was reading your blog, two more things came to my mind that may be inexpensive to make that you could possibly add to your playground. I’m not sure if you thought of them already or if they would work since I do not know what the ground/area is like that you will be working on. However, I was thinking that a tether-ball pole might be easy and inexpensive; you would need a metal pole, string, and a tether-ball. If you are working in dirt, you could probably just dig a hole to put the pole in that would be able to support the pole. Also, I’m not sure if you have ever heard of chalkboard paint, but a few weeks ago I came across it. I know children really enjoy drawing with sidewalk chalk, but I am not sure if there are sidewalks or pavement there. Maybe you could get a large piece of flat wood and paint this chalkboard paint on it, then just lay it down on an area of the ground. You would also need to provide chalk for them, but then they will able to enjoy drawing with chalk! I’m not sure if these will work, but they were just some ideas I thought of! I also just wanted to say I think that what you guys are doing is amazing and will truly make a difference in these children’s lives!

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