Service Project- Problem Identification/Assessment: Soccer Field

Jazmin and myself have been assigned the project of creating a Soccer Field for the children in the Varplass community.

Tamarin from the Tippy Toes Foundation let us know that these kids love the game of soccer and are quite good at it. She even told us a story of how these young kids beat her friends in a game (her friends are not too shabby as well, she added).

This is a great project because the kids need a place to play and also a place away from home where they can come and enjoy themselves and perhaps escape the harsh realities that they may live in. Soccer is huge all over the world, these kids deserve a chance to have their own field to play the game that they love so much.

Possible solutions to this problem would be the creation of a field not too small, but a good size where younger kids could play and not become tired so quickly. Removing rocks would be a good start and perhaps planting some grass. A change from the usual dirt I’m sure would get the kids excited. Also perhaps purchasing them some new Soccer balls or maybe even cleats. We just need an area large enough to have a field and we could come up with some ideas on how to make this work.

After all, its for the kids.


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