Service Project- Problem Identification/Assessment: Garden

One of the issues that my group will try to address during our service project is the lack of a sustainable vegetable garden in the community. Right now, the community is really not able to sustain their own food needs which is a key foundational aspect of achieving a higher quality of life.

While we have only had one brief conversation with Tamarin, we were able to learn from her that they are currently not able to sustain their own consumption and also have very little opportunity to earn income. We also learned that despite the nuisance of sand from the nearby beaches (another issue), the soil in the area is actually quite fertile. This means that not only could developing a sustainable garden help to make the village self-sufficient, but there is also an opportunity for them to produce excess goods that could be traded with others as a source of income. Both are very important goals if we truly wish to have positive impact on this community that will last once we are gone.

In addition to finding a remedy for the sand issue it is important that we establish a garden that is able to satisfy the basic nutritional needs of the people themselves and, if possible, provide excess goods for trade. We must do so in cooperation with the people since they will have to sustain the garden after we are gone. We will place just as much emphasis on making sure that they have the necessary tools and knowledge to do so as we will on establishing the garden in the first place.


One Comment on “Service Project- Problem Identification/Assessment: Garden

  1. I really like the idea of a garden but I wanted to raise the question or ask you, how would the garden be watered. Is water an issue? A garden, especially in Africa would have a hard time producing enough vegetation when not watered regularly. I’m sure certain things could stay alive and grow but not on any food producing levels. Is this an area where they are fighting for water themselves, or is there enough water to go around for the plants to have some too. I believe that a garden is a great idea but it needs to be beneficial for all the members of the community. Right?

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