Long Walk- Part 6- The Importance of Ethiopia

When Mandela talks fondly of Ethiopia in part 6 it peaked my interest. He talks about how they have struggled against so much with colonialism but always fought against it. I always thought that the different countries in Africa were so different and it was unfortunate to group them together simply as “Africa,” but when it came to Ethiopia there is a pride for many countries.

Ethiopia serves as a part of history and nationalism for all the countries. Its history of fighting against colonialism was not just beneficial for itself but inspired other countries to do the same in the face of invasion. For Mandela with the rich history and the symbolism of Ethiopia is was very exciting for him to visit.

In terms of relations between Ethiopia and South Africa in the present, they are very strong.  In 2008 they made agreements regarding the expansion of trade and investment between the two. They also both work very hard together on strengthening of the African Union. Together they have tried to help the African agenda along with combating the major issues of poverty and underdevelopment within Africa. When issues in Somalia, the Sudan and other countries have aroused they have tried to facilitate efforts to renew stability and peace within those countries.  I believe they will continue to be allies in the future because of their support of each other and history of what they have both been through.


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