Long Walk-Part 6- Mandela’s Will For Freedom

The most admirable attribute Nelson Mandela possesses is his will and drive he has to achieve certain goals.

“I have had to close my business, to abandon my profession, and live in poverty, as many of my people are doing…. I shall fight the Government side by side with you, inch by inch, and mile by mile, until victory is won.” (Mandela 276)

Reading part 6 revealed a characteristic in Mandela that I truly admired and feel is a necessary quality a leader may possess.  By this part in the book Mandela and his people are facing harsh realities that nonviolence may not be suitable for the changes they want to occur in their country and for their people.  Talk of violence and force is seemingly becoming more and more possible in their fight for equality against apartheid.  It is through this struggle that Mandela showed tremendous signs of courage and determination, expressing that he is here to stay until freedom is won.

Mandela’s characteristics of poise and fortitude unquestionably had an impact on South Africa, as we know it today.  His fight for the struggle of equality within South Africa and for his people was an accomplishment he fought for his entire life, and the most astonishing part is that he never gave up.  Nelson Mandela’s fight against the struggle for his people will never go unseen by the people of South Africa.

Part 6 really opened my eyes to seeing how strong-minded Mandela really was.  His contributions to his people and country were incredible, and almost not believable that it was all because of one man’s will to fight for freedom.  Mandela wrote “I will continue fighting for freedom until the end of my day.” (Mandela 276)  He was not going to give up until his people were satisfied, and I truly respect Nelson Mandela for everything that he did.


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