Long Walk- Part 7- Inspiration in the face of trial

“I had chosen traditional dress to emphasize the symbolism that I was a black African walking into a white man’s court. I was literally carrying on my back the history, culture, and heritage of my people.

That day, I felt myself to be the embodiment of African nationalism, the inheritor of Africa’s difficult but noble past and her uncertain future.”

I thought this quote was very inspirational and moving by Mandela. His passion for his country and changing the injustices that were occurring made him a hero.  He stood for equality and what was right. He was only trying to have it so it wasn’t a white courthouse, but a South African courthouse. With whites having the power they were not representing everyone in the country. He sought to give a voice and stance by wearing traditional clothing that black Africans should be proud of and not have to conform to the white government.

I liked the pride he had and the promise he had for the future even, if though things did not look good at that time. I think it is important to always stick up for what you believe in and Mandela did that every day. I think that many people looked up to him and he handled himself very well. He is the type of leader I would want to have. To this day, all that he has done has changed South Africa greatly and he still remains an influential person even in his old age.


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