Long Walk- Part 8- Finally Legal

My favorite section in part 8 was when F.W de Klerk went in front of parliament to once and for all put an end to apartheid. Setting the guidelines for a more democratic South Africa, Mr. de Klerk fought to have several illegal organizations become legal. The ANC, the PAC, and the South African Communist Party along with many other organizations were named a legal organizations. Nelson Mandela along with all of his fellow followers would no longer be arrested for being members.

When being told that he would be freed the following day Nelson Mandela asked to be let out in a week in order to let his family and himself prepare for his homecoming. That part truly amazed me.

I know if I was him I would want to get back to my family as soon as possible and get as far away from Cape Town as I could, but Mandela was different; he insisted on thanking those who looked after him as well.

During the entire book I just wanted the ANC to be legal as well as Nelson Mandela to be set free. I was so happy while reading this part of the book because I thought that Mandela along with the rest of the members of the ANC deserved to be treated as equals.

One thing that was constantly in the back of my mind was the Civil Rights movement here in America. Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X are big names that come to my mind. To me, Nelson Mandela has traits of MLK Jr. as well as Ghandi. Nelson Mandela never once personally turned to violence even when everyone else in the ANC thought it was the only option left. Nelson Mandela’s work has not gone unnoticed and his name will forever be associated with determination, passion and freedom.


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