Barnga Diversity Activity Reflection: Understanding Culture in the Global Community

This past week our class, along with students from the Nicaragua Community Health Group participated in an activity called Barnga.

At first after reading over the instructions and finding out that we were not allowed to talk made the activity a little more challenging. In my group the heart was the trump card and Ace was high, and after a few rounds we all grasped the concept of the game. However, throughout the entire activity I did not move, and when new people came in there was confusion on the rules and the people coming into the group had a different idea.

Throughout the game, at first the people joining the group had suggested that the trump card was different, and at first there was confusion. Not being able to talk or communicate with the group members made it difficult to discuss what we were thinking and to try and fix the confusion. Many of the attempts in communication clearly were unsuccessful. As we played more rounds the new people coming into the group would eventually just go along with what we were doing.

At first I did not understand what was going on, but as the activity progressed it became apparent that the original four pods were all given different rules. I thought that this activity was a great way to understand and try to relate to different cultures. Different cultures have different morals, beliefs, ideas, ways of living and doing things. They can speak a different language and different ways of communication and body language. This activity made me realize that not only do you have to be respectful and try to understand the culture and community of a place you might be visiting, but whether you are visiting or someone is visiting everyone should be understanding and open to each others cultures.


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