Service Project Update 3- Tin Roofs

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to my local Home Depot to get a professional’s opinion on what would be the best materials to use. I talked to several workers and they all gave me the same advice. They believe that if we get sheets of aluminum,  we can then cut it however we want and drill it to the roofs. After drilling the pieces to the roof we can then apply this adhesive glue to secure it and make sure no water leaks through the cracks.

In order to do all of this we would need special scissors to cut the aluminum, as well as nails and a drill gun. He suggested we pre-drill holes into the roof and sheets of aluminum that way it would be easier to attach the two together.

I’m not too sure if all of this is accessible so I will need to get in touch with Tamarin and find out. I asked him about a fiber cement that I had mentioned in my previous post and his thoughts about that was that it might fall through because there is nothing supporting it.

There is a lot of consider when taking on a challenge like this one. I think if we do the aluminum sheets the drilling of the holes might be a challenge, especially if the roofs are not sturdy enough for us to stand on.


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