South Africa & Brazil: Hunger as a Common Issue to Overcome

In the article, South Africa to Work with Brazil Against Hunger, some solutions to ending poverty and hunger in these two countries are examined. The program South Africa is implementing is the Zero Hunger Program, which is a solution to improve food production so families will have more food to provide for their family. This program has been implemented before in other countries, and was successful in Brazil.

Through Brazil’s plan, Brasil Sem Misera, it is aimed to help 16.2 million Brazilians out of poverty. This number surprised me. The population of Brazil is about 195 million. Although 16 million may feel like a small number compared to the entire population, this will make a huge difference in the country. Also, 8.5% of the population of Brazil is considered in extreme poverty (World Bank).

In South Africa, about half of the population is living in poverty. It is very important to find ways to decrease this number. Through the Zero Hunger Program, there will be an increased access to education, health, welfare and sanitation. Education is a very important solution to eliminate poverty and unemployment. If the public is informed about getting a job, health care, and welfare, they will be more likely to become motivated. If children see that their parents have a positive work ethic, they will be more likely to follow in their footsteps and complete the cycle.

In Nicholas Kristof’s  book Half the Sky, he discusses women’s rights issues throughout the world. He tells us that the most important solution for equality for men and women is education. Women face difficult problems all over the world and if people are educated it will increase the amount of jobs in countries. It will change the economy if people have jobs. Consequently, the country will have less unemployment and have better conditions. This will decrease the amount of poverty. It is a cycle and each solution to poverty has similar consequences.


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