No Future Without Forgiveness: Chapter 9 Reflection

After reading No Future Without Forgiveness I gained an interesting insight to the different perspectives of Desmond Tutu’s faith as opposed to Nelson Mandela’s.

While both men gave up much of their time fighting for what they believed in, it appeared that faith played a different role in the lives of these two men.

 “ I was deeply thankful as I handed President Mandela his leather-bound volumes thankful that God had been so good to us, that we had survived some difficult and testing times; thankful that we had been able to uncover as much truth as we had; thankful that we had been the agency to bring some closure, some healing, some reconciliation; thankful that we had indeed looked the beast in the eye; thankful for the tremendous colleagues God had given me; and above all thankful for all the wonderful people who had come before the commission and generously stripped themselves before us and the world, making themselves vulnerable, helping us to regain our humanity as they had their dignity rehabilitated.” (Tutu 245)

I liked this quote for many reasons, first and foremost was because of how he thanked God. I am Roman Catholic and a strong believer in God.  I truly believe that through God anything is possible, and I thought it was very interesting how Desmond Tutu realizes without his faith none of what the people of South Africa have achieved would be possible without God.   

This quote is good because it touches upon many aspects that went into creating equality for the people of South Africa.  He mentions how God has been so good to him and President Mandela during their times of hardship.

After reading both A Long Walk to Freedom, by Nelson Mandela, and No Future Without Forgiveness, by Desmond Tutu, it appears that faith in God was more prevalent in Tutu’s mind rather than Mandela’s.  Whether or not this is the case, both men did extremely great things for their country and their people.

Although Tutu and Mandela went to extraordinary measures to fight apartheid, they could not do it single handedly.  Tutu thanks these people in this quote, which I find to very pleasing.

What I admire about both Tutu and Mandela was that they knew that without the help of others what they did could never be possible.  As much as the people thanked them for their efforts, they thanked the people back just as much.  These men are selfless, and always seemed to put others before them no matter the situation.

There were both similarities and differences between Tutu and Mandela, but what they both wanted in the end was equality in their country.  Whether or not they are both strong believers in God and have a strong faith, they are both loving men and gave up so much for their country for which I admire them greatly.


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