Stompie Seipei and the Mandela United Football Club

The Mandela United Football Club was formed by Winnie Mandela, former wife of Nelson Mandela, in1986. The club was a group of misfit youths that were supposedly trying to better their lives by joining this club.

What is not known by most people is that these people also acted as Winnie Mandela’s bodyguards. There have been many accusations against the club especially during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission after the end of Apartheid.

The team was accused of “exploiting their links with the Mandela name to terrorise local people, and are alleged to have abducted and abused teenage girls”.

Not only that, they were also committing murders, at the hand of Winnie Mandela. It was said in No Future Withoutby Desmond Tutu that Winnie never killed anybody, but she was the driving force and the Mandela United Football Club acted as her hit-men. An example of this is the story of Stompie Seipei.

Stompie was a teenage ANC activist in South Africa and was murdered on December 29, 1988 by Winnie Mandela’s bodyguards, A.K.A the Mandela United Football Club.

Stompie joined the street uprising against apartheid at age ten and soon became a leader. He even spent his 12th birthday in jail as the country’s youngest political detainee.

By the age of 13 he was expelled from school. When he was 14 he was kidnapped by Jerry Richardson (bodyguard of Mandela) because he was accused of being a police informant. His body was found in Soweto with his throat slit. He was tortured by the club before finally being killed.

Behind all of this was Winnie Mandela. She called all the shots and it makes you think about what kind of person she really was.

Here the ex-wife of one of the greatest men to ever walk this earth was ordering the kidnapping and murder of children. No wonder why her marriage never last with such a great man like Nelson Mandela. She was involved in at least 18 human rights abuses, 8 of them being murders. This is absolutely preposterous when you think about who her husband used to be.


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