Outside Event – Earth Day in Burt Kahn

Most people on Earth don’t understand what Earth Day is or what things are done on this day. This day serves as a day for people to increase the awareness and appreciation on Earth’s natural environment.

This year there was an event held in the Quinnipiac Rec Center in order to get students involved in the cause and to help raise awareness on how to make our Earth and and healthier place. The room was filled with various tables and posters that showed different ways which you can become more “green” yourself and help keep our earth alive.

What drew myself to the event was the Farmer’s Market held outside the event. Seeing the amount of people in attendance gave me some hope in that people still care about our Earth when we have so much pollution every day.

It made me think about my life and how I can start to become more green friendly. A poster that stuck out to me was one that had 20 different ways that college students can do to go green. Something like this is perfect for an environment like

a college campus because people can understand that it is not that hard to save the environment. Examples were things like double sided printing, buying used furniture or not using a dryer to dry your clothes.

The event was definitely an eye opening experience and seeing all of the happy faces made it something great to be a part of. This is an event that I will continue to go to since I had such a promising experience and I would encourage others to do the same. After all this is “our” home and we must protect it.


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