Day 4: Not White Enough. Not Black Enough.

Day four in South Africa was an awesome experience and well spent couple of hours at the University of Pretoria.  The school was absolutely magnificent, and the campus was overwhelmingly large because it provides education for over 50,000 students!

Quinnipiac University and University of Pretoria students share cross cultural perspectives.

There were many things I liked a lot about the University of Pretoria, but first and foremost were the people.  It is amazing to see the difference in the friendliness compared to the people of New York.  Everyone always says “hello” to each other, and it seems that everyone is happy with their situations.  Secondly was the amazing time we spent talking and having conversations with the students that attended the university.

Talking with the students was very interesting, and getting to know their thoughts about their culture and their country’s history was exciting.  One thing in particular that stood out to me was when I asked one student what life is like being a coloured person.  She explained to me how being of colour is difficult because she was stuck in between races.  She wasn’t “white enough or black enough” to fit into the other racial groups.  It was very interesting being able to get a viewpoint from someone other than a person of black or white decent when it came to the topic of apartheid.  It was definitely difficult for her to answer many of the questions because of her social status in South Africa.

Today was a great day and being able to see a university outside of the United States was definitely something I may not ever get to do again.  It was amazing to see the similarities and the differences not only in the students but also in the school itself.


2 Comments on “Day 4: Not White Enough. Not Black Enough.

  1. I am glad that you got the chance to meet with students from Pretoria. It sounds like you all learned a lot from the conversation! Even though the Coloured student was unable to answer the questions you asked, don’t forget to ask others the same questions, especially when you get to Varkplaas!

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