Day 8: Embracing South African Culture: Wine and Rugby

Vineyard Tour

On our free day in Cape Town we could not go skydiving like we hoped (due to inclement weather). It was fine though because we went on a wine tasting and had a great time.

The drive to the vineyards was amazing; there were giant mountains and fields of grapes. Many of the people we spoke to were very proud of the wines that come from South Africa and the awards that they have received. On the tours there were many different people but predominantly white people at the tastings. I loved trying the different foods and wines, an experience completely different than any other I have had.

In the evening we went to a rugby game and watched the local team the Stormers win against an Australian team. It was nice to see a sport they get so excited about like Americans with football. Culturally rugby and soccer are two sports they really enjoy and we have witnessed their passion for both. It took me awhile to understand what was happening but by the end I could follow the action. I think that I saw the most diversity here compared to any other place we have been so far. Blacks, Whites, Colored, etc all sat next to each other and enjoyed the game. I bought a jersey and was able to bargain with the people outside the game and will always have it to remember my time here.


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