Day 11: The Most Beautiful Part of a Beautiful Country

South Africa’s vast, beautiful landscapes have astounded me for the duration of my trip. As soon as we left the airport, I was captivated by everything from the mountains and hills to the massive flats. Since then, the structure of our trip has made it such that South Africa continues to one-up itself.

From the obviously downtrodden but still surprisingly beautiful township environment that we experienced at the start of our trip, we moved to the more modern and city-like atmosphere of Pretoria. Here, we experienced even more spectacular views from the Voortrekker Monument, from the Union buildings, the University of Pretoria and elsewhere. What might have been most amazing about that was the contrast between the beautiful sites we saw there. Going from the beautiful panorama view of the landscape from the top of the Voortrekker monument to the views of downtown Pretoria was astounding for one day.

The Lion Park was next, and easily one of the most anticipated items on our itinerary. It didn’t disappoint with its experiences or its scenery. And now we find ourselves in Cape Town – which I now don’t hesitate to call one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Furthermore, we find ourselves at the Waterfront which has got to be one of the most beautiful parts of the entire city, with the spectacular presence of Table Mountain visible at all times thanks to nighttime lights.

Cape of Good Hope
Cape Peninsula Tour

There’s got to be a point when it just can’t get any nicer. But it wasn’t yesterday. Our bus ride down along the Cape Peninsula was worth every single minute. If this is really winter, then I don’t need to see another summer ever again. The beachside views from Clifton were only the beginning, as we progressed to the lighthouse at Cape Point which included one of the most amazing ocean views I’ve ever seen. As the Indian and Atlantic oceans met, I witnessed the most stunning display of color I’ve ever seen while looking at the sea. Blue or green, you could see right through the water. It was unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.

A quiet and relaxing seaside lunch at Simon’s Town followed by a brief viewing of their famous penguins was a satisfying end to an amazing day. Penguins probably don’t sound very South African at first mention, but it’s just another experience that goes to show you that South Africa’s diversity – cultural and scenic – makes it an amazing place to visit that is unlike anywhere else in the world.


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