Day 11: Exploring the Cape

Today we toured more of the Cape and saw the most incredible views (other than from Table Mountain) . We drove through the more wealthy towns, like Clifton and saw multi-million dollar homes.

It’s crazy that Cape Town has flats, townships, middle class area and mansions in such close vicinity. I’ve noticed that often you will see people living in poverty right across from a nice area. I think it’s different than the U.S. where it is much more separated.

Jazmin at Cape Point.
Cape Peninsula Tour

I loved the drive down to the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point along the coast. The ocean looks fake- it’s so vast and the winding roads are straight out of a movie. We also traveled to Simon’s Town where there are penguins. We all had a lot of fun, though it was very crowded with tourists.

Our tour guide was very enthusiastic and friendly. He emphasized that if we enjoyed our time in South Africa to come again and tell friends. I think that many say to come back, one because the people are very friendly in nature but also because their economy needs tourists to thrive. There are so many jobs that depend on people coming here.

What is interesting is they try to have tourists visit but sometimes it isn’t all beneficial. We have encountered a couple of the soccer stadiums used for the World Cup and that were great for their economy at the time but they are now struggling to put the stadiums to good use.


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