Meet the Students 2013- Melanie Kantor

Hi! I’m Melanie Kantor. I am from New City, New York and I am a junior majoring in Sociology at Quinnipiac University. I am also working toward a Psychology minor.Quinnipiac University

I chose to participate in the QU301 South Africa course because the trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I have never traveled out of the country and thought that this trip would be an experience to take me out of my comfort zone. I wanted to travel to a place where it was more than just a vacation and more of a rewarding adventure.

Cape Town aerialBefore the class, I didn’t know much about South Africa other than what I have heard from friends that went there to study abroad. They told me stories of places like Cape Town that they went to, but I never knew about the history behind South Africa.  When I asked my friends about some history of the country, they couldn’t give me any information, which I will be able to learn before traveling there.

Being that I want to go into a future profession of helping people and the community, I thought that the South Africa trip would be a perfect fit for me.  I am hoping to get a different perspective on a society and way of life other than what I grew up with.  I am most looking forward to meeting and interacting with the South African students in order to gain insight on their lifestyle, which will help me in the future when having to work with children and people from diverse backgrounds.

I am thrilled to be able to partake in the South Africa trip and the QU301 class as a whole.  I am ready and excited to start learning the history of South Africa and other information to give me the most well rounded experience possible!


One Comment on “Meet the Students 2013- Melanie Kantor

  1. Hi Melanie,
    This is Eric Husing friends of Crystals aunt. I am from Suffern. i live in the Northern Cape Keimoes South Africa. Visit my website and you can see how we can help you this year with gardens etc. Tamarin did not get back to me until the project was finished!Tippy toes foundation etc. I would like to help you guys out but will have to have interest and communication going on. friend me on fb….

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