Meet the Students 2013- Stephanie Chapman

Hi All!!  My name is Stephanie Chapman and I am a Sophomore Physical Therapy major.  I am from Windham, New Hampshire which is about two and a half hours away from QU.Stephanie Chapman

I have always loved traveling and with this course I felt that this would be something that I would remember for the rest of my life.  Traveling has always been something that has interested me and because of this trip I will be going to some place that I probably would not have gone to otherwise, and help people that will make an impact in my life.

Before this class began, I did not know very much about South Africa.  All I knew was that Nelson Mandela became the president after being in jail for a long time.  When I began telling people that I would be going to South Africa I found that many of the people that I know have been there and have really enjoyed themselves.

This experience will be a once in a lifetime trip for me and I am so excited to go and meet the people there and to learn about their country while traveling with some amazing people.  I hope that everything we do while we are down there has a positive effect on those we are trying to help, and in the end all that we have done will make their lives more enjoyable.  I am so excited for this trip!!


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