Meet the Students 2013- Lauren Saunders

My name is Lauren Saunders and I am a junior from Rhode Island. I am a Psychology major with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational psychology.

In deciding what course to take for QU 301, the trip to South Africa really captured my attention. Cape TownPrevious friends of mine have gone on this trip and absolutely loved it. After seeing so many amazing pictures of the area and additional information presented during the information session, I knew for myself that this would be an interesting and unique place to travel.

South Africa-flagBefore the start of this class I knew very little about South Africa. Through the books and information gathered thus far, I am aware of the historical background of South Africa and the racial struggles that occurred for many years. Additionally, pictures have shown me the beauty that this country has to offer and I look forward to exploring that further.

Through this experience, I hope to gain a greater understanding of the culture and history of South Africa as well as be able to relate it to actual places while visiting this country. This trip is a great opportunity to learn how a different country lives, eats, and works. I am looking forward in diversifying myself and can’t wait to expand my knowledge throughout this class.


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