A look back at QU Seminar experience and looking forward

The first class of the semester was a lot of fun.  Talking about our other QU classes, understanding the way that the South Africans view US citizens through The Racist’s Guide to the United States, and going over the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were all eye opening.

Stephanie Chapman's QU 101 class

Stephanie Chapman’s QU 101 class

Many people in the class felt that their QU 101 class was more beneficial than their 201 class.  In 101, many people felt that they had found a community of people, while in 201 it was more individual based.  Having QU 101 more community oriented helped me become more involved in programs because they were promoted and it felt that you would know someone else that is involved with that organization.

When Professor Gallay read the excerpt from The Racist’s Guide to the United States, it was interesting to see how other parts of the world view US citizens.  The map activity that we did as a class afterwards proves what the book was talking about.  Not all of us knew where Afghanistan was and that is a scary thought because we have been fighting a war there for a long time

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an inspiring document.  Though some of the articles are unrealistic, the document as a whole is meant to be positive.  Even though some countries may want to follow this document, there are people that will not follow it and there is no way that these people can be stopped.General Romeo Dallaire

After watching Shake Hands with the Devil, it is obvious to me why General Romeo Dallaire has PTSD.  Just seeing some of the images of the bodies on the streets are enough to give people bad dreams.  Living that day in and day out would certainly have a lasting and terrifying effect on me.  The Rwandan genocide was a horrible thing that many countries let happen.  The lack of intervention in all of this is heartbreaking.  The worst part of the film for me was seeing all of the tables filled with human skulls.  It seemed never ending and I am sure that this is how the people at the time felt about the genocide.


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