“Coming together was a way of showing that the enemy can be take down”

Have you heard from Johannesburg Part 1,is an eyeopener video. After watching the video, I felt overwhelmed but at the same time familiar and not surprised.

In South Africa, there was a time where there were harsh racial rules. The separation of races was known as apartheid and it was ApartheidSignEnglishAfrikaansenforced by the National Party. Under apartheid, the different races were to be separated into four groups,white, Indian, Colored, and Black. Each racial group was to listed and recorded. They were to be told where to live and relocated.

I felt that this is similar to the history of the United States. After the civil war, enslaved African Americans were hoping to have freedom. In the 1900s, new laws had been created for racial separation of the whites and blacks. Between 1957 and 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. fought for racial freedom. He later delievered his “I Have a Dream” speech. As I said earlier, the United States history reminds me of South Africas fight for freedom because Nelson Mandela is similar to Martin Luther King Jr, because both fought for racial freedom and achieved their goals. Nelson_and_FW_1

Each race was treated differently. They had separate graveyards, schools, seating areas. The way of life was degrading to each race. The people of South Africa wanted to feel loved and equal. They had to find a way to come together and fight for their beliefs and freedom. I felt that it was hard to watch some of the events that occurred during the time of the apartheid. It is sad and unfortunate when people cannot agree on things and there is hatred because someone looks different from themselves. This act of hatred occurs all around the world, and each nation and country needs to come together to fight for their human rights.

During the video, it was explaining how South Africa was fighting for their freedom and one quote that stuck out to me was, “Coming together was a way of showing that the enemy can be take down.” In situations where the government is powerful than the people, it is hard for the people to build up the courage to fight for their freedom. They are risking their lives because the government or others can take it away. I think that South Africa coming together shows great courage and the fact that they know that their coming together can take down the enemy brings a positive outlook and shows that they can achieve any goal they set. The Devil: A Reflection and Shaking his Hand

Although, the video made me feel over whelmed by the events that happened during apartheid, I also felt that there is a bit of contradiction in the world. The United Nations came together  to make and address the Human Rights, but yet people do not follow these rules or do not respect these rules. Who are the people that make up their countries laws of racial separation and other harsh laws, but yet how would they feel if they were the ones that were to be shunned out?


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