Service Project 2013- Library/ Mural- Update #1

Vaatjie Building Paint1

Vaatjie School

Last class, Isabelle and I were assigned to the Library and murals at the Vaatjie Primary School for our service project.  After talking to Tamarin and seeing pictures of the school, it is evident that there is a lot of work that needs to be done.  She mentioned that the library does not have a lot of books, is dull looking and is not very welcoming for children’s imagination.  Even though the children can read (some better than their parents) they still never read for pleasure.

In addition to the dull Library, the school itself is not a very visually welcoming and doesn’t seem like the type of place a child would look forward to attending.  Tamarin explained that during apartheid, even the school buildings were painted a different color in order to specify the difference between the white and coloured people.

Vaatjie Building Paint2

Vaatjie Building

Our goal is to change the appearance of the school by adding murals in order to brighten up the school and engage the children’s imaginations. We want them to help with the murals so that they can feel that they did something to help their school become a better place.

With the Library, we want to organize the books so that it is more like a library, and less like an extra room. While talking with Tamarin we discussed possibly having the children writing and illustrating their own stories and hanging them up, so that they can see them everyday and be proud of what they have accomplished. I feel like there is a lot of work to be done, but it will be fun to experience and to help these children have a better and more appealing school.

Vaatjie Library

The Vaatjie Library


One Comment on “Service Project 2013- Library/ Mural- Update #1

  1. It kills me to look at those colours and know what is represents even in 2013!!! I know we are not repainting the whole school (maybe next year) but even the smallest bit of colour would make such a difference. Keep in mind that there is no colour, individuality or space where they live and they are forced to see things, we can only imagine. Then they go to school where there are no flowers or colours either, it must be really tough eventhough they have never known differently. After speaking to Claudine she suggested getting the children to paint their hand prints on the walls in different colours, maybe in the shape of Vaaijie or another big hand or something. I think having their hand on the wall would make them feel proud which is a rare characteristic in this school 😦
    I love the idea about them making their own stories and hanging them up. We are going to get a book drive started this side as at least half the books need to be in Afrikaans. We are hoping to get local schools involved.
    New books, colourful shelves, curtains and some funky bean bags and I hope that we ignite a love of reading! Thanks for everything ladies, see you SOON 🙂

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