Outside Event- Argo Reflection – Revolution is a language

Iran Hostage Crisis 1979

Iran Hostage Crisis 1979

I watched the movie Argo on February 1st in the Buckman Theatre at Quinnipiac University. I am not a big fan of action movies, which is the type of movie I thought Argo was before watching it. But it did not take me long to realize the movie was a thriller based on a true story.

In 1979, Americans working at the U.S. Embassy in Iran were taken hostage by Iranian revolutionaries. The Iranians wanted the former leader Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was in exile, to come back to Iran to face charges for what he had put the Iranian people through. Shah was close to the U.S. which upset the Iranians and caused them to dislike the country and take the Americans hostage.  Six Americans were able to escape the Embassy and hid in the home of the Canadian Ambassador. The only problem was that the Iranians would soon realize that there were Americans missing; and then they would come for them too.

Movie Argo

Tony Mendez at the airport in Iran

In the film, it is the CIA’s responsibility to get their citizens back to the United States. Tony Mendez, who is played by Ben Affleck, is leading the operation to get the six Americans back, without any Iranians noticing. It is impossible for the Americans to go into Iran and bring them back without getting caught. Just to be able to get into the country, Mendez, with help from some friends in Hollywood, pretend to be a Canadian film producing team that will be shooting in different locations in the Middle East. Mendez and his team decide to call this “movie” Argo. They make fake advertisement for it, they launch it, and make people believe Argo will be coming out soon. All this just to be able to get into Iran unnoticed, and lead their American citizens back to their home country.

I thought it was interesting how the Iranians were very keen to catch all of the Americans,, considering that none of the Americans working at the U.S. Embassy did anything personally to the Iranians. I was also very surprised how people were very violent in Iran; not just when they were protesting, but even at the airport. It was very scary to watch from time to time.

But what  really caught my attention when watching this movie was the revolution itself. How people in Iran protested against Shah, and how they were violently taking innocent people hostage. I think that relates to what we have been learning in our QU301 class about South Africa this far. We have learned how the black people in South Africa were badly treated by the white people; how they were abused, harrassed, and segregated. We have also learned that the black people protested against apartheid numerous times, and I believe that is how they were able to communicate with the white South African people.

In Argo people were protesting and taking American hostages to make people around understand how displeased they were with their former leader. Not only were the Iranians displeased with Shah, but also with the United States for letting their former Shah stay in their country. For some reason it seems like violence and uprising, despite all the different languages spoken, is one of the few ways for people to actually communicate and to make people understand.

This is the trailer for the movie Argo. It is an amazing movie and I strongly recommend it!


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