The Uprising that Changed Everything

After watching the third part of  the video, Have You Heard from Johannesburg?, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Soweto Uprising.The images they had shown and the way they talked about it made me feel so terrible for them, but also so empowered.

They had planned for the protest to be peaceful, starting out with singing the Soweto National anthem instead of saying their daily prayer,  but it ended up to be quite different- not peaceful at all.

When the police arrived they put their dogs on the children, and even shot people. One of the first students to be shot was Hector Pieterson, he was a young boy who came up from a lower primary school, and he ended up dying there that day.

The people in the uprising retaliated by setting fire to buildings associated with whites, and the police. Their plan had not gone so well with peace, but word about the uprising went world wide and many many people saw the photo with Hector Pieterson. The emotions around the country of South Africa, and the world were on a high, and everyone wanted to know more about why things were going the way they were and what was really happening in South Africa.

Why were these kids getting shot?

Why were the police getting dogs to attack children?

This uprising, although didn’t go exactly as they had planned, brought more attention to South Africa, in the end helping their cause tremendously!

I felt hurt that the police would do such a thing when the people protesting were being innocent and nonviolent about the protest. If they had been planning a violent protest I would somewhat understand responding violence with violence. But even then, I am not a fighter, so I think knowing the reason behind the protest and knowing what they had planned should have been the police’s first plan of action, finding information out, and to be true, before attacking the not guilty.


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