Project Update- Tippy Toes Website- Update #2


This week, Jess and I have made a lot of progress with talking about the website and what needs to be done, along with what we believe will be pleasing for someone looking at the website.

We met with Professor Gallay on Monday and he talked about what he thought needed to be done.  We also looked at the email that Tamarin Simpson gave to us and what she thought needed to be changed.

With all of the opinions on this, Jess and I are taking the best of everything and trying to find out what will be aesthetically pleasing, as well as what we thought would make the site easier to navigate.  We looked at other nonprofit websites, such as Love146 and Master’s Manna.  We looked at each of these sites and looked at what we liked about the sites and what we thought could be changed for the Tippy Toes Website.

As of right now, there are 4 websites, some finished, some not.  We are trying our hardest to make everything more concise and easily accessed to increase the amount of traffic to the site.


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