Coming Together is Priceless

cry freedom

Cry Freedom is a movie about trust and honesty, and putting faith in people that may or may not be there for you.  Steve Biko learned very quickly who he could trust and who he could not.  I am sure that he never expected to put all of his trust in one white journalist.

When Donald Woods went to Steve Biko, he was not a man that felt he owed the black community anything.  As times changed and Donald Woods got to learn more about Steve Biko and what he stood for, Woods became a man that Biko trusted to tell the true side of the story.

When Woods started to be there for Biko, Biko found it in himself to start to trust Woods with all of the information that he could because he knew that Woods was the outlet for all the information Biko had to share.

Donald Woods

When Donald Woods and his wife went to Steve Biko’s funeral, that showed the support that they had for Steve Biko and the solidarity movement.   Woods was a white man that was fighting for what he believed was right.  This put his life in danger, as well as putting his family in danger.Without Woods coming out of his comfort shell and going to help Biko and solidarity out, the news that was shared with the rest of the world may not have gotten there.

Woods put himself in danger to make sure that the truth of all that happened to Steve was out there for the world to see.  Woods almost used Biko as a martyr because he knew that the with Biko’s death, others would rise and take over the changes that Biko was trying to implement.

Steve Biko

I believe that Woods was a man of honesty and respect, and he earned his respect by going to places he should not have gone and gotten the story that he knew would help out the cause he know felt was his own.


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