Cry Freedom, and Smile for Progress

After watching Cry Freedom, there was a lot going through my mind, I have so many questions.

How did Steven Biko stay so strong? -so many people were against him. The questions Professor Gallay asked us also made me think a lot. And after putting them in a Word Cloud, I really saw the emphasis was not only on Steven Biko, but also on the conditions of the people in South Africa, and the Black people, what they had to go through and that it wasn’t just Biko being strong, it was the people of South Africa, they never stopped fighting, they never gave up.

Steven Biko

My thoughts became less about the struggles they went through and more about the progress they made. Because of Steven Biko, everyone knew their struggle, more and more people knew what South Africa was going through, and although he died fighting, the fact that he didn’t give up, made no one want to give up! His family, and Donald Woods family really showed me the strength that Apartheid brought out of people.

I think some people didn’t even realize how strong they were being and I think that shows the true strength in them. Without even thinking about what they were doing, they gave it everything they had, and never stopped fighting! Although Donald Woods’ wife really urged him to consider their family first, in the end they did what was best. The efforts everybody had to take in order to achieve what they wanted to achieve were immense, they all gave up so much, and didn’t think twice about it. Donald Woods even disguised himself as a priest named David Curran in order to escape and  achieve political asylum. And then they risked the family to cross the order as well.

Looking back at the movie, I think it is amazing that Biko, and the Woods family seemed to get away with so much considering the police seemed to be everywhere they were, along with the both of them being banned. So they had many restrictions just being with one extra person could have gotten them in trouble!

The saddest part of the film to me was the end, when they were looking down on South Africa, and what seemed like realizing that they may never be back again, they may never be home, unless the Apartheid ends, and even if it does they don’t know how long it would be until they came back.


One Comment on “Cry Freedom, and Smile for Progress

  1. I liked Alison’s post, especially the last part of it. When I wrote my post on Cry Freedom I did not take into account that concept. It was a bold decision for them to take the risk and sneak out of the country but also to completely leave their lives behind. Alison really took me and put me in their shoes in terms of imagining how devastating a situation like that could be for someone. I completely agree that it definitely took tremendous strength for them to be able to do that.

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