Cry Freedom

Cry FreedomThe film Cry Freedom was a very interesting movie because it was completely based on real people and events. It is eye opening to see that Donald Woods, a wealthy white man was willing to give up a lot of his possessions in order to end apartheid and tell the true story of Steve Biko.  I thought it was horrible that the police basically killed Biko, but then said he was doing a hunger strike and died from those causes.  It is honestly amazing that a government would lie about something like that in order to get their way.  The whites were a minority, however they did not care and continued to govern the country in an unfair manner. I felt that the banishment of Biko, Woods and other activists were unnecessary. Steve BikoBiko was in a banning area, in which he could not leave.  He also could not be with more than one person at a specific time.  When Woods was banned, there were people outside of his house, making sure that he would not leave, however he successfully escaped.  While he was still in South Africa, Woods was treated awfully after he was banned. His wife got calls saying that they knew she was alone at that someone mysterious was going to come.  At one point someone sent their family T-shirts with Steve Biko’s face on them, but they ended up having something on them that resulted in the children’s face and hands to get burned.

Donald-Woods-reading-DD-BanI felt that when the film first introduced Donald Woods, he seemed like the typical white South African that were shown in some of the documentaries we’ve seen.  He posted an article that upset a black woman about the apartheid.  However, once he met with Steve Biko, they became close friends and Woods helped get Biko’s message out. Woods wrote a book depicting Biko’s life and the real reasons for his death in order to raise the awareness of South Africa’s troubles.  However,  he could not get it published in South Africa, so he has to flee in order to get the word out. The film ended with Wood’s family successfully getting out of South Africa, however we do not know if the book got


published or what came of that from the end of the movie.  I felt like they depicted how South Africa  was in really bad shape.  The Soweto uprising was depicted in a very good way.  I felt emotional watching that scene, because it was not fair to the black students. In all I felt that this movie was extremely informational and educational , but in an interesting way.


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