Service Project 2013- Community Gardens- Update #3

Melanie and my goal is to go to Home Depot and receive professional help to determine how to build a sustainable structure for the gardens, but we have not gotten there yet.  In the meantime, we looked on garden websites and construction websites for more ideas. We are also planning on asking my dad for some suggestions since he gardens vegetables and fruits in the summer time.

imagesSome problems we have found are that the idea of metal boundaries may be stolen to repair someone’s roof. After hearing that people could steal metal boundaries for their own roofs, we want to find something that would be more permanent such as cement. We decided we want to find different ways of building a sustainable garden that is workable with the weather climates. In the winter the climate is extremely windy with a lot of rain. In order to build a garden that protects the plants from the wind, we researched ideas how to protect the garden.

After visiting a garden website, TLC Home, it said in order to protect the plants from the wind a barrier should be formed by buildings, walls, windbreaks, or berms (raised mounds of land). Although all these suggestions may not be possible or feasible, we want to brainstorm more ideas for barriers that will be inexpensive but protective. In the summer, the climate is very hot which will put stress on the vegetables. In order to protect the plants from the hot weather a form of shade will be needed and some suggestions on a garden website are when growing tomatoes place paper or cloth sacks over the vegetables. Keeping the soil moist is also another key part of sustaining the garden; because of the hot weather the soil will be become dry easily and continues watering of the vegetables is needed.prepping-your-soil-Berms

There still is a lot of work to be done in order to properly build the tomato and onion garden, but progress in underway!


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