Service Project 2013 – Vaatjie School- World Reader/Internet – Update #2

This week we did some research regarding the application process for the world reader program. Firstly, we began looking into how much the program will cost and what the World Reader organizations policy is on donations and funding. Another area that we began researching is what the Internet access at the Vaatjie School consists of because without Internet connection or the possibility of Internet connection this would not be a realistic or beneficial project for us to pursue.

The good news is that the Principal has approved this project! With this in mind, now we can definitely pursue gathering more information about the project and plan how we are going to apply, pay for, and bring the World Reader program to the Vaatjie School. We can start the preparation process for Worldreader to help us out!!

The application for the World Reader program is pretty straight forward, asking why we are looking to bring this program to the school, who we are and what our class is about, what type of funds we would need, what is the internet connection we have available to us, what school would be receiving the e-readers and why they are in need of these e-books, where they are located, what language they speak, etc.

we need more time and more money to get this project off the ground!

Right now, there are two main issues that could potentially prevent us from pursuing this project. Before we begin anything, we need to apply and wait for a response from the World Reader Program to know if we have been accepted. The second issue is in regards to the funding of this project.  Namely, we need to raise and/or have a sponsor donate the amount of roughly $9,600, which would give us one world reader kit.

 A World Reader e-kit consists of:

-50 e-readers

-Protective cases (one per reader)

-Lights (one per reader-batteries not included)

-Chargers (one for every two readers)

-Identifying labels (one per reader)

            -50 digital international textbooks and 50 digital African textbooks

-Implementation and project management tools

-Technical Assistance

-Access to highly discounted e-books.

(The cost per reader being $194 if we can connect to Wi-Fi or $274.51 if we can connect to a 3G network)

Right now, we are planning to submit the application for the World Reader Program as soon as possible, and hopefully get in contact with a corporation to help us financially with this part of our project.

But before we fill out this application we need to find out a few final details. For example, we need to figure out how many e-readers we hope to get. Such a calculation would be based off a few things such as, how many children we hope to provide e-readers with? Would each child receive their own e-book or will they share one between two or more students? Based on how many e books the World reader program would provide us with, perhaps the library model would work best as e-readers would stay in a specific location and multiple children would be allowed to use them when in that space.


The area we will be in according to this map has 3G connection, but we will have to find out more

Ultimately, once we find out how many e-readers we would need we can figure out a more exact price for this project. Also we need to find out if we can connect their Internet to the 3G network instead of having to cut down trees for satellite reception. Once Lacey and I have this information we can proceed even further with bringing this project to the Vaatjie School! Overall, we are very excited to continue pursuing this project and are confident that it can be very successful and effective. Hopefully, now that we understand the things that need to be done and how to move forward, we can begin to contact the necessary people in order to really get the ball rolling with this project!

Ultimately getting them to be as happy as these kids are!!


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