Sports and South Africa

The beginning of Have you Heard from Johannesburg? part 4 started out with discussing how sports were divided by the races, each getting more or less funds to play than the others. And that it was also very segregated, blacks only played blacks, whites only played whites. Discrimination in sport, was also connected to politics. The good thing was that the Olympics didn’t allow discrimination, so any country that was to participate in the Olympics had to allow any one to be on their team.

South Africa wasn’t allowed in the Tokyo Olympic games because of segregation within the country, and then they were trying to get back into the Olympics in Mexico. But 38 nations had withdrawn from the Olympic games because of South Africa being allowed in, besides them still being segregated still. And two years later they were banned for good from the Olympics.
By the 1970’s they were banned from almost every international sporting competition. Except Rugby, that was one of their biggest sports, and one of the things they were best at. And they wanted to apply direct action tactics to sport, which would help them play again, and not be segregated from other countries in sport. And it finally did stop something, it stopped the 1979 tour. South Africa, got somewhere getting to play in Sports again, but segregation was still a major problem in their sports world especially in South Africa.


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