Class Discussion of Apartheid

We started the class with a video call from our South African friend, Tamarin Simpson. This call allowed us to directly ask Tamarin questions we had about each of our service projects. This was interesting because I learned about what the other groups were doing with their projects. Before Tamarin signed off, she taught us two new words in Afrikaans: dankie (Thank You) and hoe gaan dit? (How are you?). I can’t wait to use those in South Africa!

Map of the WorldAfter we talked with Tamarin, we briefly discussed our fundraising ideas. Our ideas include the Bobcat Flea Market, bake sales, restaurant fundraisers, and more. After we had that discussion we took our first map quiz. When I studied for it, (which wasn’t that long) I was surprised with how much I didn’t know. Africa and Europe were the hardest for me because there are so many countries so close together.

Our last discussion was on the Have You Heard from Johannesburg? documentaries. Each of us discussed what stood out the most to us while watching each video. I commented on the resilience of the South mandela_nelsonAfrican blacks and their leaders especially. All of the leaders of the anti-apartheid movement risked their lives for their rights and the rights of their people.

Nelson Mandela was jailed and tortured for 27 years. He was never bitter or angry after his release. He was able to become the president and continued to unite the nation.

Steve Biko left his homeland knowing he could be arrested or even killed. Many left their homes in exile. Through all the massacres and violence, the South Africans never gave up. Their resilience was remarkable.


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