Class Reflection 2/27- Geographically Challenged

have-you-heard-joburg_WEBDuring the class of February 27th, we were able to have in depth discussions on what we thought of the parts we had watched on Have You Heard From Johannesburg? and Cry Freedom.  It was interesting to hear what my classmates were most affected by and how everyone had different thoughts on the various parts of the films.  I found that people were mostly impacted by how sports influenced apartheid and how that aspect of society was able to make such a difference in government.  I thought that I was mostly impacted by the part of the film that discussed foreign affairs.  It was interesting to me to see how long it took the United States to become involved out of fear.

People were more involved in the class discussion when we talked about the movie Cry Freedom.  I think the movie was more popular among all of us because of the drama that was put into play and the memorable quotes and scenes played by the actors.

Lacey made an interesting point when talking about the movie. She reflected on how Donald Woods’ family was easily able to escape from South Africa at the end of the movie when all the black South Africans would have had intense repercussions if they ever tried to leave the country.  When Steve Biko attempted to escape, he was beaten to death, which in turn just signifies how different the black South Africans lived than the white South Africans.  I thought it was amazing to listen to everyone’s comments on what they felt about the movie because of how much I enjoyed watching it.Cry Freedom

During class, we also were able to video chat with Tamarin for her to answer any of the questions that we had on our service projects.  She mentioned that anyone who was working on a garden would need to research how to avoid snails from getting into the gardens and ruining the produce.  Aubrie and I asked her about how to create the most sustainable structure and we will be continuing our conversation on how to incorporate cement and other durable materials to be able to withstand the weather conditions.

We also took our first geography quiz of Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.  I found that I was able to memorize most of the countries that we were tested on in Africa, but when it came to Europe I was clueless.  I thought that I wouldn’t need to study Europe as much as Africa, but I clearly was wrong when I saw my quiz results.  After taking the geography quiz, my original thoughts on not knowing where anything is in the world were proven true because even by looking at the maps for a little while, I still was clueless as to where places were located, especially the countries that are extremely small and close together.  I now know that I can confidently point out South Africa, Egypt, Chile, Spain, Italy, and China, which does not say much on how I can retain Map of the Worldgeographical locations!!


One Comment on “Class Reflection 2/27- Geographically Challenged

  1. In regards to Melanie’s post, I too was interested in the discussion our class had pertaining to “Cry Freedom” and “Have You Heard from Johannesburg”. While watching scenes from the movies, there were multiple events that stood out to me and I was curious to know if anyone else shared the same feelings. Melanie mentions the idea of sports impacting the apartheid, and I was in fact one of the members of the class that believed this to be surprising. Melanie’s post made me think back to my high school days and how empowering sports can be. Fans come together to cheer on the same thing. Sports unites people and is a way of celebration and entertainment–especially for us in the United States. It brings people together from all different places, and I think that is what it was doing during the apartheid. Due to the aspect of athletes taking a stand at that time, the government was left with no choice but to make alterations and take action. Melanie also mentions “Cry Freedom” and I agree with the point that Lacey addresses. It just doesn’t seem fair that the whites were able to escaped unharmed and simply left their fellow Black friends there to endure the hardships. It makes me feel remorse for the blacks. Although the Woods’ family experienced traumas such as crossing the border, they really did not have to walk on eggshells much like the Blacks did at this time. This shows that whites only dipped their feet in the water, but were not fully submerged like the Blacks so they cannot fully relate to how the Blacks felt. Melanie and I have similar thoughts pertaining to this post as we were both surprised and interested by events happening in these movies, such as the impact of sports. Additionally, we both enjoyed watching “Cry Freedom” so I feel like that helps our attitude towards our posts. Lastly, I can relate and agree with Melanie’s statements regarding the map quiz. We are both similar in the fact that geography does not come naturally to us!

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