Knowledge is Key to Know What is Right

Ronald Reagan

If people don’t know what is happening around the world then they wont know what is right and what is wrong. During the Reagan administration the people of America didn’t realize that what he was doing with bringing military equipment, computers, and military people to South Africa. It wasn’t helping the anti-apatheid movement in South Africa, it was strengthening the police force and government, which ended up strengthening apartheid and hurting the people of South Africa even more.

Charles Diggs

Charles Diggs and the Black Caucus created the independent lobby group Trans Africa that was to focus on the troubles of Africa, and to keep America informed. Even thought Reagan and the rest of the government seemed to be doing nothing to help South Africa, that didn’t mean the working class people, and the black people of the United States were just sitting around doing nothing! They were trying to help by protesting and by making flyers and making phone calls. When the traditional wasn’t working they set up a meeting with the South African Ambassador which led to a public arrest at the embassy which took the issue to another level, and really  brought attention to what was happening in South Africa. This was a prime example of why America needed to help and not do what Reagan was doing in giving the police the help, the people needed the help!

University of Illinois was where one of the protests happened

The more coverage that was available to the American people, the more knowledge we as a nation gained, and slowly but surely more and more people knew the truth, college protests were going on, students were a part of the protests, not just black college students either, college students of many different races were involved. The issue of apartheid was not just an African issue, this issue was World Wide and everyone even the freshmen college student at the back of the class needed to help!!


One Comment on “Knowledge is Key to Know What is Right

  1. I agree with this post Allison! A lot of people were unaware of what was going on at the time of apartheid, mostly because media coverage did not exist in South Africa in the beginning. Ronald Reagan wasn’t an aid at first, and many were not aware of this. Once the media stepped in it became a global issue and apartheid was finally able to see some relief and support worldwide. Thank goodness for that!

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