Service Project 2013- Library/ Mural- Update #3

After speaking and emailing Tamarin, we have come up with some ideas for the Library and mural project.  While in South Africa, we are going to need to get the supplies, like paint, and brushes, etc.  However, we were thinking that we want these murals to be as interactive with the kids as possible.  We were brainstorming ideas, and thought we could have a bright rainbow and sun on handprint rainbowone wall, but instead of painted, the stripes of the rainbow and the sun would be made up of the student’s handprints.  This way they would be involved in the production of this artwork, while adding some color and brightness to the wall.  We also thought that in the Library, we could paint a map of the world.  I think it is important for them to have a visual of where they live in comparison to the other countries.  Tamarin once said that they don’t know where America is, but they know some of the pop culture about America.  I think that placing the map in the Library, a place where people learn, would make them eager to learn about the world.  Another aspect that Tamarin suggested would be to put sayings and quotes by Nelson Mandela up on the walls of the Library.  This would also create a more welcoming reading experience I think.

The Library needs work, as there are many desks that take up the whole room and it is used to storage.  We hope that by the time we leave, we get the Library cleaned up, and looking more like a Library. Vaatjie LibraryTamarin is starting a book drive, where people will donate their old books to the school. I think this is a fantastic idea, because the books will be from South Africa, not America where they might not be able to relate to.    In addition to adding the books to the Library, we also want to spice up the shelves.  Tamarin mentioned that they were “white and somber”. We want to make this Library and school look as appealing as possible.  It would be perfect to add comfortable seating, so that the children can look at the Library as an inviting and exciting place, rather than the storage room that it is now.


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