Service Project 2013- Tippy Toes Website- Update #4

tippytoesTippy Toes Logo

During this week, Jess and I met and discussed what we wanted to see in the website.  We went through the site and split up the different portions that each of us are going to work on in the coming weeks.  The Tippy Toes Website has awesome material, but it is not fashioned in a way that is appealing for someone to look at.

To make sure that Jess and I meet the expectations of what Tamarin wants with the website, we have talked to her during the class and told her about our site and asked what she felt we needed to work on.  At this point, Tamarin just wants the website to be more functional for all that are searching for more information on the BPO.

This is how Jess and I are going to split up the editing work:

Jess Steph
Last 4 in Projects Home
First one in Donations About
Thank you First 4 in Projects
Affiliates Last 2 in Donations

We believe that by splitting the website this way, we are both going to be able to get our portion of the project looking its best by the end of the semester.


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