Service Project 2013- Worldreader/ Internet- Update #3

This week we do not have much to comment about. As of now, we are at a bit of a standstill in the process. After reviewing the application for the Worldreader program, we have decided that we think it would be best for Tamarin to fill it out from The Tippy Toes Foundation. With that in mind, we are waiting for Tamarin to fill out the application and to then hear back from the Worldreader program to see if we have been accepted or not! Trees

Other than the application process, we are focusing on figuring out how to cut down the trees necessary to get Internet connection. We are trying to find out how many trees need to be cut down and how much this whole process will cost. Tamarin is keeping us filled in on the status of that. Assuming the trees get cut down and we are able to get Internet connection, we will need to devise a plan of how to sustain the costs of Internet for the school.

In addition to wasubwayiting on more information about the Internet, Allison and I are currently writing up proposals to send to organizations for donations to hopefully fund the Worldreaders if we get accepted for the program. Fingers crossed this all works out! cokeHopefully by next week we will have more information and we will have more to update you on!


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