Letter 2- Mrs. Poelker’s 2nd Grade Class to Ms. VanHeerden’s 2nd Grade Class

Dear Friends,

We were so happy to get your letter and short video. We’ve played it many times. We’ve just finished a little celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. It is an Irish holiday and although we are in America, our country is made up of many different cultures, we love to learn about people.

The weather here has been cold. We have experienced a lot of snow this winter. We even had a blizzard!  It is beginning to get warmer though as it will be spring on Thursday, we even see some   Spring flowers beginning to bloom.  Do you have 4 season? What is your weather like?

We are interested in learning about the farm where your school is. What type of farming is it? Animals or crops?

We have a special every day, either art, music, library, or physical education….we love phys. ed. the best.

Our teacher taught us to say good morning in afrikaans (goeie more)…we hope that is correct. Hopefully you will see the video of us saying good morning to you.

Until we hear from you again,


Mrs.Poelker and Mrs. Gentile’s class


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