Economist or Philosopher?

muhammad yunusWhen we were originally instructed to go to the speaker, Muhammad Yunus, I was not sure how the presentation would be.  After going to the presentation, I can tell that it was definitely worth the time to go and see him.  He was a captivating speaker with a wonderful message about how to live your life to the fullest.

Muhammad Yunus has made a difference in millions of people’s lives, both in Bangladesh and in other parts of the world through his ideas of banking.  Even though I did not understand all of what he was talking about, he has a system called micro-credit, which allows people to borrow money without any collateral.  This is making a huge difference for the people of Bangladesh because they are able to begin businesses and other ventures.  This would not have been possible without Muhammad Yunus because every other bank wanted collateral.

In his speech Dr. Yunus spoke about giving more money to the people that already had money and not allowing the people that do not have money to get any.  He changed this and because of this, he is making a difference in millions of people’s lives in Bangladesh.

Muhammad Yunus

Because Muhammad Yunus has lived his life to help other people, one of the things that he does is helps start businesses.  He will go in and partner with people if he believes that they have a good idea, but only if that idea will help the country as a whole.  One of the projects that he talked about during his presentation was a solar paneling company.  In the beginning, very few homes wanted to be solar powered, but as time has progressed and the business has caught on, millions of homes are becoming solar powered and he believes that within a few years, almost all of the buildings in Bangladesh will be solar powered.

He is a remarkable man, with a vision that can change the world.  He tries his hardest to make others happy and he says that in return that makes him extremely happy.  Muhammad Yunus is someone that we should look up to as an example of human care and paying it forward.


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